EcoClinic, een ongeparfumeerde geurneutralisator voor de gezondheidszorg.



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EcoClinic is an environmentally friendly smell eliminator based on natural enzymes. This air freshener makes smells disappear, when they physically come into contact with the complex protein systems in the freshener, where they are then catalysed into non smelling, harmless and simpler molecules.


What’s more, EcoClinic is non perfumed so there are no traces of any chemical substances.

Unlike ordinary “air refreshers”, EcoClinic removes the unpleasant odors instead of replacing them with perfumed air.

Use: physiotherapists, hospitals, elderly homes, doctor’s practices, sports care, gyms, etc.


Applications: unpleasant odors in fabrics, casts, sweating areas, body odors, faeces, perspiration, vomit, burns, wounds, medical material, gauzes and bandages, drainage material, sweat or sweat odor for example in clothes, stomata and accessories, etc.


Composition: Complex of natural vegetable enzymes – surface active ingredients derived from grains, Cetyl Pyridinium Chloride.

EcoClinic is non toxic, non irritating, free of bacteria, biologically degradable and hypo allergic.

Store at room temperature. Contains no propellants. Packing recyclable.


Types of packing: 100 ml or 200ml spray bottle and different refill sizes.


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